About Us

Meet the Founder: Shannon

Shannon Nounna-Saathoff is a wife, mother and young entrepreneur who has lived her life following her dreams. The Yoga Line was a dream she made reality with her perseverance, dedication and, most importantly, time. Welcome to the best new yoga clothing line in Southern California.

Meet the Founder: Shereen

Shereen Loth, fashion designer since age 14, has owned a clothing design and manufacturing company in California for over 30 years.  Her passion for clothing construction has turned into an A-Z private label niche’ which handles everything from design concept, pattern making, fabric sourcing, costing and shipping to the ultimate consumer.  She enjoys sunny beach days with her loving husband and creative daughter.

Mission Statement

The Yoga Line is in the business of making people feel happy and great about themselves. Our line is inspired by the amazing different shapes, sizes and frames of every person and their contributions to themselves and others. As a small business that manufactures and produces its products in the USA, we are proud to represent a line geared towards diversity and fitness.


We endeavor to begin and progress a legacy geared towards a diverse line meant for everyone to enjoy. We aspire to create affordable clothing with a luxurious look and feel. As a small business, we want to be able to connect and support other small businesses in the hopes to better improve conditions for small businesses in this city, state and country.